Ok…as well as being stuck in the endless commute there are the people you have to work with…this is the first

The Administrator


In an office bigger than the rest

Is a man who puts us to the test.

This man, he gets most of his jollies

designing bureaucratic follies

that never stand the test of time,

the fact he’s paid is quite a crime.

When the Administrator sits at lunch

around him is a hardy bunch

of people that can stand the strain

and not be driven quite insane,

by incessant drivel from this bore

who just talks admin more and more.

So if you’re at a party, lost,

avoid this man at any cost

unless you want your brains dissolved

as admin problems get resolved

and he thinks that he’s quite a hit,

but you know that he’s full of shit.


It’s time for a poem about commuting to start off the blog proper.



 Sulking out of the morning gloom,

shambling to the platform;

recalcitrant, reluctant, relentless,

the train awaits

its quiescent cargo of assets,

that hanging limp, without expression,

shuffling feet, slumped shoulders

one step away from hysteria;

still, silent, slowly suffocating –

souls screaming, bereft of any hope,

long since stolen, or shattered

into razor-sharp shards of regret.

Oh the monotony of it all!

This site is for all those people who find the daily grind one long chore. I don’t intend to be deep and meaningful, in fact I am just a bit shallow at times – and proud of it. So, stay tuned for some thoughts and some poems that sum up life as the commuter knows it.

All the best


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