This is a poem about Naqsh-e Rustam, which is where Xerxes and Darius the Great are buried. This place overlooks Persepolis, previously called Parse.

Naqsh-e Rustam

Silence sits comfortably here,
the lizards bask in baking sun
shading visions of past glories
resistant to the thought of death
caressed by the desert’s hot breath.

Long since gone the steady chip
of hammers, careful footsteps,
scraping trowels, the swish
of sand through sieves;
the scaffolds that spoiled the view.

Ghosts of kings now left in peace
gaze east through dusty haze,
dream of days when gleaming
Parse stood proud, stood tall
and bowed to none,

their epitaphs etched hard in stone.
Still whispers echo in the air
cross crumbled bones in tombs
long since laid bare.

About George Fripley
I am a writer who enjoys writing humour, satire, poetry and sometimes a bit of philosophy. I live in Perth, Western Australia and occasionally get a poem or article published. It's all good fun! I have two books available for unwary readers, Grudges, Rumours and Drama Queens- The Civil Servant's Manual (This contains all that anybody could ever want to know about why government runs so slowly) and More Gravy Please! - the Politician's Handbook. (available through Amazon). Real name Peter Tapsell...just started off writing under a pseudonym and kept going.

2 Responses to Persepolis

  1. Anarya Andir says:

    Beautiful descriptive poem! Love the imagery.

    Have you visited Iran? I really wish to go there and see all its wonderful historical sites.

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