Ordinary – a mis-used word.

Why do people sneer when they use the word ordinary, as if it somehow has a negative meaning? What is wrong with being ordinary? Most people in the world are ordinary – they don’t have any choice. There is no escape from being ordinary; most of us will be so for most of our lives. By definition, if everybody was extraordinary, then they would become ordinary – they would be just like everybody else. The media and advertisers, however, all try to tell us that we should be extraordinary, that we should be ashamed of being ordinary. What utter bollocks! It’s no wonder that people grow up thinking that they’re inadequate in some way. There is no shame in being ordinary.

No, be prepared to embrace your ordinariness and be proud that you are one of the human race which, for all its many faults, is a pretty amazing life form. Just remember that a very small number of people are extraordinary, and many of them just for a brief moment in time before they return to their ordinariness. One day you may become extraordinary – enjoy it if you do, but don’t denigrate yourself if you don’t. And next time somebody sneers, ‘That was pretty ordinary,’ reply to them, ‘Yes, yes it was. Most things are.’

About George Fripley
I am a writer who enjoys writing humour, satire, poetry and sometimes a bit of philosophy. I live in Perth, Western Australia and occasionally get a poem or article published. It's all good fun! I have two books available for unwary readers, Grudges, Rumours and Drama Queens- The Civil Servant's Manual (This contains all that anybody could ever want to know about why government runs so slowly) and More Gravy Please! - the Politician's Handbook. (available through Amazon). Real name Peter Tapsell...just started off writing under a pseudonym and kept going.

One Response to Ordinary – a mis-used word.

  1. deelaytful says:

    Everyone’s unique…just like everyone else 😛

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