A short ode to dickheads!

The Incredible Penis Extension

There’s a ‘special’ set of people that inhabit my town
that make the rest of us wince and quite often frown.
They are very superficial and lacking in thought,
but they’re rolling in money, flaunting toys they have bought.

They take many forms and if you look you will see
that the fellow in front is saying ‘Hey, look at me’,
as he flaunts without shame and captures attention
with his new and improved shiny penis extension.

He doesn’t care what you think, he reckons he’s cool
but most people around think that he is a fool,
except those in the crowd who admire his persistence
and themselves are in need of some penile assistance.

About George Fripley
I am a writer who enjoys writing humour, satire, poetry and sometimes a bit of philosophy. I live in Perth, Western Australia and occasionally get a poem or article published. It's all good fun! I have two books available for unwary readers, Grudges, Rumours and Drama Queens- The Civil Servant's Manual (This contains all that anybody could ever want to know about why government runs so slowly) and More Gravy Please! - the Politician's Handbook. (available through Amazon). Real name Peter Tapsell...just started off writing under a pseudonym and kept going.

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