Take Me To The Desert


On a weekend summer’s day
We’ll go down to the beach
Take a chilly morning swim
And then sit
Watching waves washing sand along the shore
Drink a coffee on a bench
With Hot chips
In this comfortable space we’ll chat
Watch the world walking by

You can take me to the desert
Beneath a boundless blue sky
Where I can smell sweet mornings
Free to let my soul fly
You could take to the mountains
To watch the clouds at sunset
Sleep among the snowdrifts
Well that’s as good as life gets

We’ll take a cruise into the country
Though wide-open fileds of wheat
Find a copse of shay trees
Where we’ll sit
Taking time to make the prefect cup of tea
Just two dots on a map
Doing nothing in the nowhere
Where we’ll chat
Watch the wind blowing waves through the trees


But just one look at you
And you had me on the run
Just one minute with you
Outshone the sun
Just one look at you
And I was done
Your clear blue eyes
Outshone the sun


About George Fripley
I am a writer who enjoys writing humour, satire, poetry and sometimes a bit of philosophy. I live in Perth, Western Australia and occasionally get a poem or article published. It's all good fun! I have two books available for unwary readers, Grudges, Rumours and Drama Queens- The Civil Servant's Manual (This contains all that anybody could ever want to know about why government runs so slowly) and More Gravy Please! - the Politician's Handbook. (available through Amazon). Real name Peter Tapsell...just started off writing under a pseudonym and kept going.

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