Cirque de Troumouse


We cored peat bogs on our final year field trip,

Walked on precarious moss floating on water

That flexed under our feet, threatened oblivion.

Later, I lay back, watched clouds form eddies

on a blue sky, in the lee of craggy spires,

became lost in ever-evolving patterns.

Dave went swimming in an aquamarine lake,

Backstroked out to the middle and back again;

We dived in, went numb – Dave’s a superhuman!

We watched the sun’s demise, ate lukewarm pasta

Perched on a rocky ledge above jade meadows

Drinking in the Pyrenees in the twilight.

That evening the cloud seeped up the valley, drowned

us where we sat in the night’s moist silence;

such a shame that somebody forgot the wine.


A short post about cheese

Cheese – yes cheese. Is there a better food than cheese? I doubt it. I mean, what about Camembert and Brie? Two soft cheeses that just melt in your mouth. And what about very mature cheddar cheese? Does this not cover the tastebuds with instant joy, especially when accompanied by a nice red wine that facilitates its transfer from dairy product to gorgeous sensory experience?  In fact the thing about cheese is that it is a global phenomenon – they make it all over the world. Don’t forget Danish Blue! Norwegian Blue, Leerdammer, holey Swiss cheese –  Wonderful!

In fact, I reckon I could spend a whole holiday just in France tasting cheese – granted, it might give me a heart attack, but I can counter that with a balancing dose of red wine, so no need to panic!

I could go and name hundreds of cheeses, but what’s the point?

Eat more cheese! It comes highly recommended – by me…


Just a Shadow

He’s just a shadow, just a shade
Basking in the afterglow
Caught between the light and oblivion
He’s got no place left to go

Promises that once were made
Cast in solid gold, they said
Promises now disappeared
Just dust upon the wind, long dead.

He’s drowning in the fumes of fame
Clinging to what might have been
Slowly slipping out of sight
Scared that he was never seen

He’s just a shadow, just a shade
Fading in the afterglow
Heading from the light to oblivion
There’s only one place he can go.

Grudges, Rumours & Drama Queens – the essential office manual

Yes indeed. The essential office manual is now available at Amazon and other online book stores.

Grudges, Rumours & Drama Queens is essential reading for all aspiring and current government officers at all levels, as well as anybody who is desperate to understand how the whole machine works. Grudges Rumours & Drama Queens is an essential text for all aspiring and current bureaucrats, whether they realise it or not. This book builds on the work of the ancient philosophers Futilius and Dillayus, and details the importance of grudges, rumours, and unintelligible jargon. This manual will take you from the basics, such as how to not make decisions and passing the time on a quiet day, right up to advanced skills such as avoiding the blame. It will ensure your success as part of the office machine!

Click on the cover to learn more.


Grudges, Rumours & Drama Queens is available at Amazon, Amazon U.K. And many other online stores

Grudges, Rumours & Drama Queens – soon to be released!

Grudges, Rumours & Drama Queens used to be titled You Can’t Polish A Turd, but the powers-that-be decided that Turd wasn’t a proper government-approved word. Those government auditors and policy wonks (at the highest levels I must add!) approved Grudges and Rumours as appropriate for a book about government and bureaucrats – and I thought they were a bunch of drama queens – hence the new title. At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Many thanks to Taylor Street for publishing the original, but time moves on and it needed revising.

I shall be releasing this revised edition of the Government manual very soon!



I was thinking just the other day,
and then I thought –
Why am I thinking?
And then I thought –
What am I thinking about?
And then it came to me.
I was thinking about thinking.
Then I thought –
does thinking about thinking
count as actual thinking,
or is it some sort of blank space
a limbo of unthinkingness
where the thinking about thinking
cancels out the actual thinking?
I’m still not sure…
but it’s worth thinking about…
isn’t it?

My Universe

When I see your eyes
feel your pain and
my heart dissolving
I know that I have fucked up
made your life a trial
I regret my failings
my human frailties
my weakness
my fuckedupness
please forgive me
my gorgeous girl

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