A little poem about politicians!

Vote, damn you, vote

Sometimes I ask myself why?
Why do I bother to vote
when democracy condemns us
to yet more politicians
who do the bidding of their paymasters
those fundamentalist bastards who
spew bigotry and fear
as ways to try to control us
to mould us
to chain us down.

They sign away our freedoms
in the name of, well, freedom,
held to account by pretend journalists,
just paid apologists who confuse
advertising with news
as the powers-that-be tighten
the thumbscrews,
to beat us down
to kill defiance
to rob us of self-reliance.


some days I ask myself
why I bother to vote,
to believe that it makes a difference,
that it’s not just wilful ignorance
that I’m not some brainwashed idiot
debasing myself
frustrating myself
defrauding myself,
but what is there, if not hope,
so vote, damn you, vote
for a change.

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