In The City

Its non-stop, the eternal sound,

like termites scurrying inside my head

gnawing at my brain, consuming memories,

replacing pictures with black voids,

memories with blind static.

One long drone of sameness, banality,



Under clear blue skies, in pleasant sunshine,

with a soothing breeze, the hum remains;

sitting on the balcony on another balmy,

lazy evening, the hum remains.

At sunrise, at sunset, when soft light cushions

the ends of the day – the hum remains


worming its way into calm clear thoughts,

smoothing out creative edges, random ideas,

nullifying them,de-energising them,

destroying them, with the 24/7 cycle.


There is no day, there is no night,

there is no light;


there is just the city.

@Malcolm Turnbull becomes PM – More Gravy Please!

Just a couple of months ago I sent Malcolm Turnbull, then Communications Minister, a copy of More Gravy Please!, the politician’s handbook – a book guaranteed (probably) to enable politicians get to get where they want to be. I thought nothing of this, however just this week, Malcolm Turnbull became Prime Minister of Australia.

Is this coincidence?

Well, probably…but maybe not…

More Gravy Please! – the only book a politician needs.

More Gravy Please !

More Gravy Please


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