Freelancer – The Beach

This is a song for all of you who have a bad day at work. Once again the H6 recorder was used.



That’s when I thought of you

The air was burning, fire in my lungs,
the horizon shimmered
dissolving the sparse trees
then remaking them – perfectly;
that’s when I thought of you.

Under the shadow of the eucalypts,
desiccating in a riverbed yearning for water,
swallowing sandpaper in delirious bliss,
the sky blue without blemish;
that’s when I thought of you.

As night arrived and the air cooled,
merely toasting me gently,
the stars emerged to peer through the leaves,
twinkling in the distance, out of reach;
that’s when I thought of you.

I could almost squeeze them in my palm,
swat the occasional shooting star
that ripped the sky so briefly
that’s when I embraced the chance to dream;
that’s when I thought of you.


It’s going to be 39 degrees Celsius today, so I thought this was an appropriate post

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