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I have been relatively quiet on the blog recently, but there is a good reason for this. I have been trying to complete a novel…I think I’m almost there…time will tell. I have also been learning to present radio shows, as per the links I have put up recently. Yes, now I am presenting the odd Snooze Button show on RTRFM 92.1. This is a blast, but is also very time-consuming. There is lots of music to listen to, and I love to concentrate in local talent here in Perth and WA. So, let me tell you about 5 local bands that are well worth your time to listen to. In no particular order, please enjoy these…you can hear all of them on RTRFM

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – 10/10 for the name and producers of some great rock. Best track to look out for is Surf’s Up. It’s got fantastic guitar riffs Right from the start with that 60s influence of the great surf bands, and it then goes into a sort quasi reggae influenced rhythms before transforming back to a harder edge rock for a tight 3 minute song. Great stuff!

Pond – I think these guys are influenced by Pink Floyd, ELO, maybe Foreigner too in some instances. Jay Watson from Tame Impala along with other Tame Impala members have played with the band. They are psychedelic rock with a social conscience. This track, Edge of the World PArt 2, I reckon borrows heavily from the 70s. I love it.

Mooj – Mainly instrumental, but now they have added a vocalist. Live they are great. They are funk based, lots of bass and some good rhythms. The link I have is to their 2016 E.P.. I’d recommended Make Them Bleed and Stone Soul.

San Cisco – probably the best known band and onto their 4th release. These guys have a great sense of a pop record and they haven’t disappointed in their latest album The Water. Kids Are Cool is just under three minutes of pure pop.

Edie Green –  they cruise through some melodic rock, some laid back mellow tunes like Small Time Viticulturist, and my favourite – Moonshine. This song really showcases the power vocals of Sophie and the great guitar work and rhythm of the band.

Once more into Snooze Button

Another show done – with some funk, soul, local Perth bands, and more…check it out and enjoy!

Snooze Button 12 June 2017

Snooze Button on RTRFM 92.1 / Edie Green

I have been a bit preoccupied recently with my new hobby, which is being a radio presenter on RTRFM. Below is a link to my latest show.

also, check this out from Edie Green – this rocks

Enjoy…and I’ll try to post more often and get back to some writing now,




Cyndi Lauper – when she sings

I hit a brick wall with my writing yesterday…a couple of decision points in the story just didn’t ring true enough, so I am pondering how this is fixed. I think I know what I can do, but this morning I have let my subconscious work away on the problem while I tried to get vocals somewhere near right on a song or two that I’m working on. So here is the link to When She Sings…a musical version of a poem I wrote after a 2011 gig she did here in Perth…yeah, it’s taken almost 6 years…hope the novel is quicker. I am going to see here again in a couple of months. It will be awesome. The link to my Soundcloud site is below.

When She Sings

5 From Muse

Yeah, Muse. Friggin awesome band. Here are 5 of my favourite songs. These songs are all friggin awesome! Enjoy.

Thoughts of a Dying Atheist

Plug In Baby



Follow Me

Musical goosebumps @Muse

Sometimes there is a special moment when I hear music, or for that matter watch a movie, when something gives me a physical reaction. I had this listening to Cyndi Lauper sing here in Perth, listening to Pat BEnatar sing Don’t Let It Show, listening to the Arctic Monkeys debut album, and a few other occasions. It happened again last week while I was on a plane from Newman to Perth.  I came across Muse live in Rome at the Olympic Stadium on the entertainment system. This was shear magic.

Now, I have been a Muse fan for a while, but never heard any live recordings. This is ridiculous because I just love live recordings. Some bands are simply better when recorded live. However, in my 40-odd years in this earth I don’t think I have heard a live band as good as Muse. On that flight I got goosebumps from head to toe listening to that music. It was all I could do not to let loose with some fist-pumping, head banging,  shouting joy. This was a moment that left me thinking, Why haven’t I seen these guys play live? Follow Me, Plug In Baby, and Supermassive Black Hole sound magnificent live. They sound great on studio recordings, but Muse live add depth, more feeling, more oomph to all these songs. Listening to Muse was pure joy.

But that moment was more than joy, it reinvigorated me, gave me inspiration to find some new tunes in my guitar. Now,  I don’t pretend to be a great guitar player, or songwriter, but it brings me great pleasure to play and find new sounds. And thanks to Muse, I have found some. Next time they come to Perth I will move mountains to make sure I get there and fistpump, head bang, and yell to my hearts content. So thanks Matt, Dominic, and Chris, you have made my life richer and inspired me to write more music. It may be mediocre, but it’ll be a lot of fun.

That Monday Feeling

I think we all get that Monday feeling every now and then



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