2 weeks to write – starting week two

So, I am happy to say, week one ended up going well. Kicked ass on Friday…worked out some missing bits of the story and worked out how to mash the story together more efficiently. Changing chunks around, adding new chunks, wondering why the fuck I had written some the drivel that I came across. I think the main reason was so that I had something to cut to make me feel better. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

So it’s almost lunchtime on Monday and I have got into Chapter 10…still lots of text to ponder about. Is it in the right position, is it well written, is it necessary?

See you later



2 weeks to write – Day 4

I have had a pretty good day today. Ploughed into Langoria and worked out that I could, no, that I needed to, remove two characters from the book completely. Shit happens, but it’s for the best. So now I am writing notes to remind myself what has to change from here on in. Some of the their dialogue is important so I will need to work that into the other characters. This is proving to be less torture and more like fun.

Of course my natural inclination to waste time is always bubbling away, so the guitar came out this morning for a while. It scared the cat away! Add to this, watching The Way (gut-wrenchingly sad first 20 mins) and I have still managed to waste a couple of hours or so, but I’m not too worried. It’s my time to waste!

This evening I might go and see Great Wall…should be fun.



2 Weeks of writing – Day 3

Yesterday, after lunch, I did enventually get into Langoria. And hey, I skimmed it and realised that it started in the wrong place. So I spent the afternoon reorganising chapter 1, ditching whole sections and toying with the idea of writing from the perspective of a different character. So, chapter one is substantially rewritten, and from here on in the first half of the story is in for a real shake up.

Today, I recorded a new song…I think it is sufficiently mediocre and so satisfies my standards, and then watched the movie Battleship. Now, some people say this is not a first class movie. I, however, think it’s great.Lots of aliens, explosions, a battleship, the underdogs winning. Yeehah!

More writing this afternoon, after a trip to the beach for lunch and a swim, and lots of large bits of paper with arrows and flow charts to work out the plot. Even with new technology, I like an A3 sheet of paper and pencil, together with loud music, to replot. Call me old fashioned, lots of people do,  it it keeps me focused.

Tomorrow, I shall progress with shredding and recomposing chapters 2 and maybe 3. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


new song can be found here…I did warn you it was mediocre (at best)




2 weeks of writing – Day 2

It’s lunch time on day 2 and I can report that yesterday afternoon I did indeed do some writing. Shit yeah!

After playing my guitar for about an hour while trying to write songs (I have 3 lyric-lacking tunes) I sat down and turned on the computer. This is my old computer that is not connected to the mother of all distractions (internet).

I sat and stared at the screen for a while, opened up Langoria, and set about commencing the tortuous 2nd Draft. It took me about 20 minutes to stop that cruel and unusual self-imposed punishment and look at the plot for my next story…the plot of which is sooo friggin awesome (and funny) that it completely took over. Langoria had to wait.

This morning, after paying bills, having some loud song-writing efforts with my geetarrgghh, and posting a revised Poltician’s Prayer that is now a President’s Prayer (see my previous post), I sat down to some serous writing of the new story and knocked out 2000 pretty good words (I think they are all proper ones and to be found in the dictionary), at least good enough for the literary spew that is a first draft.

This afternoon, it is time to bite the bullet and get into the real torture of Langoria, but first I’ll just check out John Birmingham’s twitter feed. Might be funny.

See ya


2 weeks of writing – day one

My 2 weeks of working on Draft Two of my novel, Langoria, has begun. It’s lunchtime and day one is going very well indeed.

I have gained inspiration in how to put together believeable fiction by listening to various politicians crapping on  on the TV. At least I assume it’s believable because people vote for them. It all sounded  like pretty fantastic bullshit to me. So perhaps I have heard plenty of unbelievable fiction.

After that I realised that I was out of coffee and so needed to go to the shops. That was a bit distracting because tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I needed to get a card. That took some time.

Then it was back home to work, where I decided that it was time to eat lunch and watch Bill Bailey’s Jungle Hero.

But I promise to start writing this afternoon

I wonder if this is how JK Rowling writes?


Two weeks to write, write, write…or possibly write-off

Okay…two weeks off to do some serious writing and rewriting work. List of jobs is long and now I have another story in my head competing for space. And then there’s the guitar calling to me as well. And twitter. And that 6 pack of 150 Lashes in the fridge. I’m serious, I can hear them calling. And then there’s the Perth Writer’s Festival – I should pop along there and learn something…but only if there is time in my busy schedule of writing avoidance tasks. Does the oven need cleaning? I think so. I’m sure something needs painting too. And maybe it’s time to fix that annoying leak above the kitchen window (this is maybe something I really should do).

Okay, so Task 1 – avoid getting stuck into writing avoidance

Task 2 – have a beer to think about what writing project should be my first priority Langoria or the new story. Langoria is at second draft stage – that’s hard work. Perhaps another beer will get me through that. What was I doing again?

Task 3 – unplug the TV. But only after watching the accumulated crap that I’ve not yet watched. If I’ve not watched it it is probably crap, but how will I know until I’ve watched it?

Task 4 – check twitter and email. Perhaps I’ve been discovered and an offer of riches is waiting for my attention from a salivating agent. Stop laughing it could happen.

Task 5 – check and recheck my lotto tickets. I could be a millionaire and then I could write more. Possibly drink more too. Maybe it’s time to start writing, but only after a snooze.

Task 6 – return to work having wasted two weeks of my valuable time having made about a chapters worth of progress in each project. At least they pay me…and I’m not going to starve.

I think I need another beer…

Being unfaithful to my story

I have been slow this week in my efforts to make Langoria into a workable story. I am half way through the chapters, but now I have some serious competition in my head. I am being unfaithful to another competing story. The Dark List is clamouring for attention.

This is certainly distracting. I find myself wondering whether it is a better story than Langoria. Would I be better served by dumping the old story for the new story? Am I currently wasting my, at present, limited time on a dud, when I have a potential gold mine festering away in my head? This new story is exciting, makes me laugh at my own jokes (sorry about my ego!), and is trying to entice me into its clutches. So what do I do?

As hard as it is, I am concentrating on Langoria because that story is a finished draft and it s therefore a product, something that may be saleable. The other story is just an idea at present – 5000 words of prose that has potential, nothing more. It’s damn good-looking, though, with a sexy plot and great sense of humour.

Add to this that I do not earn a living from writing, and the priority becomes clearer. There is no imperative for me to get a bestseller, or even a seller, because what pays my mortgage is something else. I do, however, have a strong desire to publish a book that sells. I do enjoy writing. And I do want to finish what I start. Langoria is a good story, albeit with some flaws that need attention, and I believe it is worth my time. I will undoubtedly keep getting moments of inspiration for the new story, and I will write them down, but they will stay in my notebook until Langoria is at a stage where somebody else is reading it.

So, back to it. But only after I get out for a walk. Speaking of walking – this is a little article I wrote a few years ago on a now ignored blog about the joys of walking – http://itsthesmalljoys.blogspot.com.au/

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