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I have been relatively quiet on the blog recently, but there is a good reason for this. I have been trying to complete a novel…I think I’m almost there…time will tell. I have also been learning to present radio shows, as per the links I have put up recently. Yes, now I am presenting the odd Snooze Button show on RTRFM 92.1. This is a blast, but is also very time-consuming. There is lots of music to listen to, and I love to concentrate in local talent here in Perth and WA. So, let me tell you about 5 local bands that are well worth your time to listen to. In no particular order, please enjoy these…you can hear all of them on RTRFM

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – 10/10 for the name and producers of some great rock. Best track to look out for is Surf’s Up. It’s got fantastic guitar riffs Right from the start with that 60s influence of the great surf bands, and it then goes into a sort quasi reggae influenced rhythms before transforming back to a harder edge rock for a tight 3 minute song. Great stuff!

Pond – I think these guys are influenced by Pink Floyd, ELO, maybe Foreigner too in some instances. Jay Watson from Tame Impala along with other Tame Impala members have played with the band. They are psychedelic rock with a social conscience. This track, Edge of the World PArt 2, I reckon borrows heavily from the 70s. I love it.

Mooj – Mainly instrumental, but now they have added a vocalist. Live they are great. They are funk based, lots of bass and some good rhythms. The link I have is to their 2016 E.P.. I’d recommended Make Them Bleed and Stone Soul.

San Cisco – probably the best known band and onto their 4th release. These guys have a great sense of a pop record and they haven’t disappointed in their latest album The Water. Kids Are Cool is just under three minutes of pure pop.

Edie Green –  they cruise through some melodic rock, some laid back mellow tunes like Small Time Viticulturist, and my favourite – Moonshine. This song really showcases the power vocals of Sophie and the great guitar work and rhythm of the band.

Perth, 2113

Perth 2113

When summer comes
shoving spring aside,
children scream in terror,
‘The Sun! The Sun!’
as they run for cover.

That malicious beast
striding the earth – relentless,
sending us into shadows,
burning, searing, killing
the slow, the stragglers,

desiccating the unwary,
wearing down the strong
leaving people as wasted shells
gasping each night
for a cool breath of air.
When summer comes
painting bright landscapes
luring us with false colours,
we hide – and pray
for Autumn’s gentle skies.

(Originally published in Silence…)

Summer Morning in Perth

The chilled easterly roared across
Matilda Bay, corrugating
the shallows with steady white-caps
that eased themselves onto the beach sand,
bringing with it the hint of a
desert morning.

Boats rocked back and forth endlessly,
oblivious to the wind, just
terrified of the insane heat
due on this summer afternoon,
another in a long line of
February scorchers.

Above my head shade brollies
whipped around in desperation
to escape their tightly fastened
chains now condemning them to yet
more relentless bleaching sunshine
in Perth’s furnace.

I loved it, cool on my skin, so
refreshing, a brief respite from
this debilitating season
even as the trees leant over,
whispered to me that hell lay just
a few hour’s distant.

Short Story – Fine and Hot

Yes…time for something different – a short, short story – enjoy!

Fine and Hot

Perth was sweltering through another hot summer. This was no ordinary summer; it was a season with malice that mugged anybody who stepped outside, leaving them as wasted shells of people who each night dreamed of a cool day.

On one February evening Isaac and Dianne sat watching the news. They did this every day between 7 and 7:30pm. Dirk North’s earnest face held their attention. Isaac considered him to be the most reliable and trustworthy weather presenter.

‘Today was fine and hot,’ he told them. ‘Tomorrow will be fine and hot. The outlook for the coming week is fine and hot. Now it’s back to you Jennifer.’

Isaac turned to his wife, ’I reckon that was exactly the same forecast as yesterday, darl.’

‘Well, it is that time of year. I don’t know how the poor man keeps his sanity. His job must get so boring.’

‘No, I mean that it was word-for-word the same.’

‘Oh, I doubt that dear. Do you want a coffee?’

Isaac nodded, then listened as his wife bustled around in the kitchen. There was something wrong with the forecast – he was sure of it. Anyone who might have been watching would have seen him staring into that vacant space that holds intense concentration.

Dianne returned with his coffee and was just settling down to watch some more television when her husband said, ‘I don’t think he’s said the temperature now for a week. He’s just been saying fine and hot with the number changing on the map each day.’

‘Who dear?’

‘Dirk North’

‘Forget about it,’ she insisted. ‘What do you want to watch? There are repeats of sitcoms, repeats of murder mysteries, repeats of old shows that deserve to be buried. Where did they dredge up Magnum from? There are documentaries on SBS or there is the 7:30 Report. Oh yes, there are also some reality shows where sad people make idiots of themselves.’

‘What, no cooking shows?’

‘It doesn’t look like it.’

‘Well that makes a refreshing change. I’m not fussed darl. Whatever you fancy.’

They settled down to watch people making idiots of themselves.

‘I’m really convinced that the weather is a recording you know,’ Isaac mumbled.

‘For goodness sake! If you’re so worried why don’t you record it for the next few days to see, or even write to the ABC.’

‘Hmm. I might just do that.’

‘Whatever. Now can we drop the subject? I don’t want to hear any more about it.’

At the ABC studio, Mary Connelly was talking to her colleague.

‘I think you’ll have to read the weather tomorrow, Jen. There’s a cold front coming up from the south. We won’t get away with another recording of Dirk.’

‘Not a problem. He’s not recovered then?’

‘No. He’s got worse according to the doctors.’

‘Did they say exactly what caused it? I miss him. He has a great sense of humour.’

‘They reckon it was the heat. He just cracked. Sad really.’


I’ve told them that they shouldn’t let him watch the recordings each night, but the doctors think it might help him. I’m not convinced.’

Dirk North watched himself give the evening weather forecast yet again. He strained against the straps currently restaining him, giggling hysterically in between mumbling to himself, ‘Fine and hot. Fine and hot. Fine and hot. It’s going to be very fine and really hot. Fine and hot. Fine and hot. It never ends, never ends. Hot enough to fry your brains, hahahaha. It’s never anything but fine and hot, hahahaha. Forever fine and hot, hahahaha…

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