That Monday Feeling

I think we all get that Monday feeling every now and then



White beaches, blue ocean, palm trees & rum

That’s what I was thinking of when this came to me


New music – In the City after Midnight

In the City After Midnight

This was something I came up with last week.


Excerpt from my manuscript – Crowley (still under construction)

Crowley walked in to the Senior Officers’ meeting and took the only vacant seat. He noticed that they’d deliberately used a small room and that actual managers were in short supply. They had obviously decided that this meeting was not worth their time. They were probably right. Vijay was running the meeting and Diane’s assistant was speaking about folders.

‘We’ve run out of colours for our folders,’ Jessica was saying.

‘?’ said Crowley with his eyes.

She looked at him over her glasses. She detested him.

‘We’ve got colours for the General Manager, Director, and Minister. We’ve got different colours for the different levels of State Significance. Now we need one for Manager’s correspondence.’

‘I’m alright if you just put it in my in-tray,’ Crowley told her.

‘But the Managers have asked for coloured folders.’

There was a murmur of agreement around the table.

‘It makes it stand out so I can see it,’ said Fran from Agriculture.

Ed Tyler said, ‘Yes, I agree.’

Even Veronica nodded her head.

‘I’m not against it,’ said Crowley, ‘but I don’t see why there’s a problem. Just try another colour. What about purple?’

‘I tried to use purple, but wasn’t allowed,’ said Fran.

Dan nodded. ‘Yes, that’s right. We need to get approval from the Department of Cabinet.’

Crowley laughed. ‘You’re not serious!’

‘I am, Paul. It’s very clear in the policy,’ Dan told him, stern-faced.

‘So ignore it. Who will know?’

‘We have to go through the official supplier,’ said Jessica. ‘And they only provide the colours we currently use.’

‘Tell them we need a different colour.’

‘We tried. They-refused, ‘said Vijay.

Crowley thought for a moment. ‘What about green. That’s for appeals, and we don’t get any appeals on anything.’

‘Can’t do it, ‘said Dan.

Even Vijay looked surprised at that answer. ‘Why not?’

‘Because it’s for appeals!’

‘But we don’t get any appeals on anything,’ said Crowley. ‘In fact, nothing we do is appealable.’

‘Yes, but you always have to be prepared,’ said Jessica.

‘For what?’ asked Crowley in exasperation.

‘Appeals,’ said Dan

‘But we…oh never mind. I agree that without a coloured folder the correspondence will be hard to see, so I’ll pop down to Officeworks and get fifty purple folders.’

‘No!’ Dan and Jessica said in unison.

‘I will not be party to avoiding official government policy,’ added Dan.

‘You’re a real arse,’ said Crowley.

Veroncia, and even Ed, were nodding at his remark, thought neither spoke.

‘I’m sure-that-we’ll-work it out,’ said Vijay as he saw Crowley preparing to launch another broadside at his Manager. ‘Why-don’t-we-put this matter-on-hold until our next-meeting.’

There was a grumble or two around the table, but Vijay was already moving on to the next item.

‘We-have to-get-a handle on the-accommodation…situation. I’ve given-you all-a-map…’

Crowley decided his brain had done nothing to deserve this cruel and unusual punishment and promptly zoned out for the rest of the meeting.


Dark Nothing

This is something I did tonight – a poem to music…what do you think?


Final version of MFB

yes here it is with added drums and bass

In these days of change…

In the days of change
there was chaos and confusion,
and much consternation.
Left to fill the gaps, we
constructed plausibility,
out of nothing but fragility,
not many thought that logically.
We floundered in the dark,
went feeling through the dark,
saw nothing in the dark,
submitted to the dark.
In those days of change
the light was kept up high
out of reach it passed us by,
casting shadows over hope that died.

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