I’d like to go and visit Norway;
they have fjords,
mountains soaring from deep water,
capped with snow, carved through
with glaciated valleys,
cosy towns within their shadows
under swirling Northern Lights
on long winter evenings,
ephemeral Spring nights.
Yes, I’d like to visit Norway –
some day;
they have fjords,
the Northern Lights, Nordic ski-ing,
Stress-less chairs,
but mainly for the fjords.

The One Percent

There’s a vacuum being created

sucking in our souls,

a space where we suffocate,

where all hope evaporates

at the whim of the one percent


who live up in the clouds, dedicated

to digging us deep dark holes

where we toil for scraps, us poor ingrates,

watch as our future desiccates

for the good of the one percent.


One day they’ll be nothing left,

no-one to hear as the bell tolls

just the stench of slavery, of hate,

of a burning rage at a negligent State;

the tools of the one percent.



This was stimulated by Jaqcues Peretti’s documentary – The Super-rich and Us.



a repost, but I still like it…and it’s been some years


Monuments retreat under Time’s harsh gaze,

Fighting the futile fight, but fighting all the same,

As the stone crumbles, grain, by grain, by grain.


They stood strong and solid – behold triumph,

The ones who’d never break, who’d eternally reign,

Staring down with disdain, disdain, disdain.


Once mighty voices stolen by the wind,

now just fragmented echoes, a vanishing stain.

Please don’t forget my name, my name, my name.


Aging Haiku

45 years old
some say I’m past it
but dreams overpower age

Friendly Bulldozers

Sometimes I dream of friendly bulldozers,  of wrecking balls and sticks of dynamite,  a web of fuse wire collapsing dullness, ridding this town of its gleaming tombstones provided with glee by the misguided who left a legacy of sterile streets.

Sometimes I dream of winding back the clock,  of a welcome clean slate on which to build calm new leafy streets, not more wind tunnels, pleasant parks containing fresh happiness, where shadows no longer envelope life, a place to enjoy, not one to endure.

Sometimes I dream it was just a nightmare. Perhaps I’ll wake and gaze upon beauty, landscapes lovingly crafted out of joy where the air doesn’t choke or smother thought in desperate dark canyons full of lost hope. And then I dream of friendly bulldozers

Tule’s Law

I have probably posted this before, but what the hell


Tule’s Law

.Professor Charles Tule has spent his long and distinguished career studying the political system and how the collegiate party system impacts the ability of the government to make decisions. The pinnacle of his career was the aptly named Tule’s Law. This law goes some way to explaining how viral ignorance manages to prevail in many circumstances.

It states that:

The total common sense of a group of politicians is equal to slightly less than half the sum of the common sense of each individual.

This law provides an explanation as to why a group of seemingly intelligent people can get together in parliament and come to conclusions that the rest of the population can see as unwise and stupid in the extreme.

Exhaustive testing of current debates, and research into debates and policy decisions of the last 100 years, has conclusively proven that this law stands the test of time. While further testing is underway, it is generally believed that this law will not be able to be challenged. Professor Tule is now carrying out further research to see if he can refine his theory to find out whether there is a critical mass where very large groups of politicians have the capacity to lose all common sense whatsoever.

Classic 80s – Feels Like Heaven (Fiction Factory)

Yes, I’ve just been listening to some music and this came up – love it. Great voice, great lyrics from Fiction Factory – whatever happened to them? From 1983, a good year for music.



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